Final Fantasy V Four Job Fiesta Challenge – for Child’s Play (part 1)

This summer, I intend to take part in what is known as the Four Job Fiesta charity event in order to raise some money and create awareness of Child’s Play, a charity I strongly support and consider a worthy cause. For the uninitiated, Child’s Play is a charity that works in domestic violence shelters and hospitals to help kids be kids essentially, proving them with toys and games to play with. They’re an admittedly small group, which is why I hope the Four Job Fiesta event will be of use to them – it’s already raised around $10,000 and will hopefully do that more before the deadline of September 1st. And while Child’s Play predominantly works in America, they do have several international locations and it’d be great if this campaign gets them to expand a little more or convinces more locations to invite Child’s Play to help them out.

So what’s the Four Job Fiesta? Participants play through the game Final Fantasy V (one of my favourite games) while being assigned only four of the game’s 22 classes to play with. More details can be found at the link above, but that is the most basic explanation. By tweeting the Gilgabot (@FF5ForFutures), players are randomly assigned one job gained from each of the game’s 4 crystals. There are variants, which are also detailed on the website from the above link. My own personal pledge is as follows: If I successfully complete the playthrough, I will personally donate $15 to Child’s Play. If I cannot do so, I will instead donate $30. However, if I manage to defeat either of the game’s two “superbosses”, Omega and Shinryu, I will donate an additional $10 for each of them I beat.

Should I complete the run once, I may end up doing it again, but we’ll see. In each of these updates, I’ll be encouraging all readers to check out what Child’s Play are doing and asking you to consider donating to a charity that’s doing its best to help kids going through very tough and scary times. These updates will be sharing my experiences of the challenge. I hope you enjoy them.

So, the run begins. I tweet Gilgabot to register for the challenge and be given my first job from the Wind Crystal, which can be one of six – Knight (physical fighter and tank), Monk (barehanded attacker), Black Mage (offensive caster and elemental magic), Blue Mage (learn enemy spells), White Mage (healing and support magic) and Thief (Stealing!) And as you can see here, Gilgabot responded with White Mage. Yay healing indeed! A lucky break for me at the start, since I’m guaranteed a dedicated healer throughout the game and in the early game can just spam Cure throughout tougher fights. On the other hand, I have absolutely no offensive power, which will make fights long and somewhat tedious (mostly).

The game’s intro, I play as normal. I can’t exactly do much until I get to the Wind Shrine and thus unlock the White Mage job, so there’s not exactly much to write about. I do stop in Tule before going to the Wind Shrine to buy both Black and White magic, since maybe I’ll get assigned Red Mage or something too. Because this means I grind for money a bit, my party is level 5 before I head in to the Shrine, which… is easy because it’s the game’s first dungeon and my options are “Attack” and “Item” (read: use Potion). Nothing special there. Once I get the White Mage job, as per the rules of the challenge, everyone immediately becomes one. Thus my men and women of the cloth take up their destiny – beating things in the face with their wooden sticks for an age until they die, occasionally casting Cure to heal themselves. That’s how it goes for the Canal, and especially for the boss, Karlabos. This is also the point where I realised “Hey, I’m using an emulator, I can screenshot!” Boom. Visual aids.

Karlabos is a tedious asshole.

Karlabos is a tedious asshole.

So, Karlabos. He’s extremely easy, but simultaneously tedious. His basic physical attack hits for around a third of my health. Feeler does the same, but has a side of paralysis, as Lenna is currently demonstrating. And Tail Screw is a dick move, but Karlabos is slow enough that my mages can heal away the ouchies. The big thing making this easy is that Cure spread across the party heals the exact same amount as Karlabos’ attack. Cure on a single target heals them almost completely. So he can’t really kill me because he’s too slow to get two or three attacks in before at least one of my mages has a turn. The problem is that he has 650 HP and each of my attacks with a wooden stick does an average of 10-15 damage. So it takes a long time, but he bites the dust.

Next up is the Ship Graveyard, and this is where my White Mages will shine. I put them all in the back row to reduce incoming damage, since magic will still be as effective from there. It’s a good idea – every attack from the generic enemies deals about 6 damage in that position. The place is littered with undead enemies, which is extremely good news. I don’t know why, but Cure spells hurt the undead rather a lot. Two spread casts will kill a group and a single focused cast will one-shot most of the enemies. It’s MP-intensive, but the dungeon isn’t huge – though I do make it longer on myself by having to double back half way through to pick up the Flail. Seeing as it’s the White Mage’s best weapon for some time and I did get lots of experience from doing so, I don’t regret it.

Sleepwalking through Siren!

Sleepwalking through Siren!

I blitz my way through the Graveyard and come to its boss: The Siren. Off topic, but I always loved how Galuf snapped the others out of Siren’s delusions by just punching them in the face. Simple but effective! This game isn’t one for taking itself seriously, which I’ve always appreciated. Siren is also a pretty easy boss thankfully. She starts off with high defence, augmented when she casts Protect, and hits fairly hard… But I have four White Mages, so that’s not much of a problem. She inflicts Silence on Lenna early on though, which I forgot she could do. So my mages are barely scratching her with their sticks (minus Faris, who has the Flail), but then this happens!

For reasons unknown to science, the undead are vulnerable to curative magic!

For reasons unknown to science, the undead are vulnerable to curative magic!

I have no idea why Siren decides to make herself undead midway through the battle, but it drastically speeds things up, since now Cure hurts her! Quite a lot as you can see! She poisons Bartz, but I don’t bother healing it, since the damage is minimal. Plus I have four White Mages, so healing in a spot of trouble is not the hardest thing in the world. Eventually…



Yeah, Siren really can’t keep up with us in her undead form. Good job there genius. With that out of the way, I leave the Ship’s Graveyard and decide to call this an update – done for the night. Next time, I’ll be getting my second job hopefully! (Please don’t be Berserker oh god)

Status at the end of the first update, having saved just after the Ship Graveyard.

Status at the end of the first update, having saved just after the Ship Graveyard.



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