Final Fantasy V Four Job Fiesta Challenge – for Child’s Play (Part 2)

Welcome back to my Four Job Fiesta for Child’s Play. As always, I want to encourage readers to learn more about the Four Job Fiesta challenge and Child’s Play by visiting the websites and reminding you that Child’s Play accepts both cash donations and allows you to view facilities’ wish lists should you wish to send a gift directly. They’re doing great work for kids in some very tough situations they might not fully understand and be rightly worried and scared in. It’s something I consider very worthwhile, so I’m only happy to help them out and play through a great game at the same time. On with the update!

In the previous update, my team of White Mages had Cured their way through the Ship Graveyard because healing magic wrecks the undead for reasons I still don’t fully understand. Either way, it’s the fastest battles will be going for me for some considerable time, until I get my second job at the end of this update. Spoilers!

We begin by heading south from the Ship Graveyard to the town of Carwen. Not much to do here; with the most important thing I do being to grab a new set of robes for my Mages (giving them a whole THREE defence! WOW!) and buying the Sleep and Protect spells from the magic shop. I can’t use Sleep at all, but I pick it up just in case I roll Mystic Knight or something. Protect though is very important and saves my bacon a few times. Like I said, there’s not much to do in Carwen apart from find a few hidden potions and Gil and whatnot. Fun times. But with that, it’s off to the North Mountain in search of a method of air travel. And because there’s nowhere else I can currently go. That too.

How are these cats?!

How are these cats?!

The North Mountain is very much a step up in difficulty for this challenge. I still only have one character capable of dealing half decent physical damage (Faris with the Flail) and “half decent” is the best way to describe it. It’s hardly awe-inspiring, but given that everyone else deals between 5-11 damage with their sticks, while Faris hits anywhere from 24-60? She’s like Hercules compared to the rest of them. Meanwhile, the North Mountain enemies are hammering my mages for 20-30 damage, depending on the attack. Not a huge threat, but it means we have to cure ourselves quite a bit, which slows down our damage output even further and drags out battles, especially when Faris decides to start missing annoyingly often. But it’s not a long dungeon anyway and we get to the top soon enough, dodging the poisonous flowers because I’m not a complete twit. And then it’s time for Magissa!

oh god it burns

oh god it burns]

Magissa poses a considerable threat. She’s the first enemy to throw offensive magic at me. Fire, Blizzard and Thunder are nothing special, easily Cured with a group cast, but Drain can bring any one of my characters to single digit HP from full health – while healing her for the same of course. I was rather surprised when she cast it on Galuf, but thankfully she only did it once. I start layering Protect on everyone while Faris does her best to clobber her. Then everyone else joins in with their mighty* sticks.

Apparently 4 on 1 is "unfair".

Apparently 4 on 1 is “unfair”.

Soon enough we get Magissa into her second phase though, where Forza appears. This is why I was casting Protect, since he only uses physical attacks and Protect reduces the incoming damage from “Ouch” to “Meh”. Easily healed off single target damage. I might have been ok without Protect, but I’d rather have had it and not needed it. Magissa now takes the time to start buffing Forza though, starting with Regen. But Regen is a non-issue, only healing him for about 4 HP every 10 seconds or thereabouts? So I needn’t have worried. Either way, we keep plinking away at Magissa until she dies.

It's all a matter of patience from here.

It’s all a matter of patience from here.

As I just said, Forza really isn’t much a threat from here. He’s just doing single target damage that even a group cast of Cure heals off completely. Protect is awesome is what I’m getting at. It takes a while, because of his 850 HP, but…

I've got to get better at capturing monsters fading out...

I’ve got to get better at capturing monsters fading out…

Marvellous. There’s only one more boss I have to slog through with a full party of White Mages, thankfully (and he’s a doozy of course).

I named him Ringo :)

I named him Ringo 🙂

With that out of the way, we get our air travel method, and a nice one too. Dragon is the best way to fly. I fly over to Tycoon Castle to loot it for all its treasure I can’t use… But I get a couple of Elixirs and Phoenix Downs at least, and the Healing Staff which will be handy in emergencies. Probably. After that it’s on to Walse. I can’t even upgrade my White Mages in town so there’s really nothing to do except loot the castle and tackle the basement. Phoenix Downs are expensive, but I really wanted the Elven Mantle for that sweet 1/3 block rate on physicals ok? Jackanapes, as will not surprise veterans of this game, KO me handily in one shot, but I’m usually able to run away with at least one person alive. I grab the Elven Mantle and give it to Galuf before progressing the plot.

More of the same...

More of the same…

Walse Tower is the home of the second Crystal, my second Job and a host of irritating enemies that take way too long to kill with a party of White Mages and make me eat through MP like nobody’s business. Galuf even died at one point to a couple of enemy mages I didn’t capture – thanks Drain spell, really nice work. The mages are the biggest threat here actually, spamming Slow, Stop and Drain puts me in a very bad position. But I only encounter them once, thankfully. That was more than enough.

The calm before the storm...

The calm before the storm…

So we make it to Garula – the biggest challenge I’ve had so far. 1200 HP, massive defence, one half decent physical attacker on my side and a nasty customer. If you go to Walse town after beating this guy, a little girl yells at you because you beat him up. That little girl, like many children, is an asshole.

… Donate to Child’s Play everyone!

Jokes aside, the Garula fight at the top of the tower starts off very slow. Literally. Garula’s speed can be defined as glacial, which is fine by me since it gives me plenty of time to set up Protect on everyone. That is why I win this, oh goodness yes. Faris plinks away, and everyone heals off Garula’s attacks while occasionally hitting him with a stick. All seems fine, everything is going swimmingly… Until Garula hits phase 2. Hoo boy.

This is... under control...?

This is… under control…?

Garula suddenly wakes up and Charging me like nobody’s business, getting two attacks to each of my character’s one and using his Charge attack to inflict Sap, constantly draining my health. Those little numbers going down add a surprising amount of stress. Protect minimises the damage, but we still have a couple of near misses, and if I wasn’t spamming Cure almost constantly with Bartz, Lenna and Galuf, this battle really would’ve gone in the elephant’s favour.

I'm never going to get this fadeout thing.

I’m never going to get this fadeout thing.

But that’s exactly what I was doing while Faris continued swinging her Flail at him, leading to our victory! The Water Crystal shatters anyway, but who cares, because new jobs! I send my tweet (#water) to Gilgabot and contemplate my options. The Water Crystal offers five new jobs, and honestly there’s only one I’d be unhappy with – the Berseker. Let’s just say there’s a reason that the #BerserkerRisk run is a thing and why so many people donated to make sure that everyone who chose that run ended up with at least one of the bastards. Berserkers are uncontrollable and do nothing but attack random targets, which becomes very problematic when you need to hit certain targets on a boss – like the upcoming Sand Worm. That said, all the other jobs are very solid. Time Mage lets you mess about with the flow of battle, slowing enemies, speeding up the party and using a few weird spells that didn’t fit in any other school I guess. Summoners summon powerful creatures for massive damage against enemy parties for high MP costs. Red Mages are fairly mediocre all-rounders, using swords and mid-level black and white magic, but pick up one of the best skills in the game, allowing them to cast two spells in a turn. I don’t end up with any of these though.



Yes, I rolled Mystic Knight. Huge break for me. Mystic Knights are great swordfighters who can imbue their blades with magic to hit elemental weaknesses and inflict status ailments. They’re one of the best classes in my view. Now I have great physical fighters to go with healing. Fantastic. Since Lenna and Faris are my fastest characters, they stay as White Mages for now so I can recover faster while Bartz and Galuf become Mystic Knights. I’ll probably be switching them around anyway so they can master both jobs and have White Magic as a secondary command. Things are looking very good for me at this point, so to test my team (and show off the Mystic Knights before the end of the update), I go into the cave behind Walse Castle to face off with Shiva!

Shiva 1

I know I can’t use Shiva since I can’t roll Summoner any more, but I still want to do as many sidequests as I can in this run. It’ll feel like a more authentic run, plus where else am I going to find the challenge?

Well... Maybe not here...

Well… Maybe not here…

Yeah, Mystic Knights kind of make this fight a bit of a joke. Shiva and the Ice Commanders are all weak to Fire, and two or three hits (counting Faris occasionally flailing at them) will down them. I take them out quite quickly. Meanwhile, Shiva casts Blizzara on my front row, then my back row, and so on. If all my characters were still in one row, I would probably have trouble keeping up with that damage output, but I don’t, so it’s no big deal. I don’t bother with Protect since the Ice Commanders die easily and Shiva doesn’t do anything except Blizzara anyway.

Spellblade is an awesome command, isn't it?

Spellblade is an awesome command, isn’t it?

Go Galuf! Use that flaming sword! Galuf and Bartz’s attack break 200 damage easily, and even when I accidentally hit Shiva with the Healing Staff, healing almost 300 HP back to her, she just doesn’t have the stamina to stand up to a prolonged assault. One thing I’ll say is that Shiva counts as a back row enemy, so until the Ice Commanders are dead, physicals will do much less to her – take them out first!

Shiva 4 Shiva 5

Look I’m still new to this screenshotting thing, alright? Give me a break. With that, I’m going to call this an update and get ready for the next leg of the journey. The Fire Crystal is our next target, and I’m sure my luck with the RNG won’t hold out much longer.

Status update!

Status update!



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