Final Fantasy V Four Job Fiesta Challenge – for Child’s Play (Part 3)

Welcome back to the third part of the world’s luckiest Four Job Fiesta, where I hope the RNG will continue to heap its bounty upon me. As always I want to remind everyone that this whole event is an effort to raise money for the wonderful Child’s Play charity, and every day the event grows closer to raising $10,000, which can only be considered a great success that will go on to help kids all over the place through some of the toughest of times. Please, please consider donating either toys or cash to support their work or speak to local hospitals and shelters to let them know this service is available! I’ll love you forever.

In the previous update, I had managed to make my way to the second Crystal, unlocking the Mystic Knight job for myself, and tested it out against Shiva for reasons. Now that I actually have some offensive power going for me, I feel a little more confident as my ragtag party progresses the plot and heads into the town of Karnak. I don’t know how this place really functions, everything is on fire. I didn’t capture that, so just trust me. But on the whole, it’s a quaint little village…

Karnak 1

… Mostly. I might need something to deal with that… Apart from the therapy.

Karnak 2

Yeah, that should cover it. I also have the Silver Glasses on Galuf to protect against darkness, which Flash inflicts. They don’t work though, so I assume they only cause you to resist the status rather than be immune to it. Whatever. I progress the plot by going to the weapon shop to pick up one of the discounted weapons – I opt for a Mythril Sword, since it’s the most expensive one I can currently use. Plot happens, Cid bargains us out of prison, I upgrade everyone’s equipment and pick up all the new magic (headline being the level 2 elemental spells for my Mystic Knights to use and Cura for the White Mages) and it’s off to the Fire Ship!

Fire Ship 1

These guys are weird. They show up after killing particular groups of enemies and just sort of sit there really. They never got a chance to attack me, because…

Fire Ship 2

Mystic Knights are amazing aren’t they? They’re weak to Thunder, so Spellblade can really rip them apart. Most enemies die in a couple of hits anyway, but still, the big numbers make me feel good. The other enemy I want to give a brief mention to is this guy:

Fire Ship 3

Much like his counterpart in the Ship Graveyard, this guy is actually weak to Cure, though I’ve never realised this. I found out because he actually confused Bartz by Licking him (understandable), and then Bartz cast Cura on him for the kill. Hilarious. Most of the treasure in the Fire Ship I can’t use, which is just super… So let’s skip to the boss: Liquid Flame.

Liquid Flame 1

Liquid Flame is occasionally a bit of a barrier for people attempting this challenge. Mostly people who roll Berserker or have no source of magic. Potions really aren’t cutting it at this stage of the game for healing though, so it’s frequently a brutal fight. However, I have Mystic Knights who can use Blizzara Spellblade and White Mages.

Liquid Flame 2

Isn’t it beautiful? 600 damage right to the face. That happens every time Bartz and Galuf attack… In this form, while the most threatening thing he does is Blaze me for 100 damage each. Cura spread on the party cures all that and more. Single target Fira does 250 to Faris though and actually kills her at one point, but given my entire party can cast Raise and Cura, getting her back up isn’t much of a hassle.

Liquid Flame 3 Liquid Flame 4

Other forms for those following along I guess. I see these things a lot. Both can’t be hit by ice attacks, so Lenna and Faris have to try smacking them occasionally to get them to change. They’re not a threat, but the Tornado form tries to heal by casting Fira on itself. Not enough to outpace Bartz and Galuf’s attacks in the humanoid form, but enough to slow the battle a little. Still, a simple enough fight if you have a good source of elemental damage!

No, I still can't capture these fadeouts.

No, I still can’t capture these fadeouts.

Damn it past Joshua! Get your shit together! Ugh, you’re the WORST. You’ll notice here that I had Protect on most of my party, but Liquid Flame very rarely uses physicals, I just like to be cautious. My party also ended up entirely in the front row because of Magnet, but like I said, Liquid Flame’s physicals are so rare that it’s a pointless move for him. Anyway, with that, it’s time for my new job-

Countdown 1

Oh right, fuck you too. I have always hated time limits in video games and this is one of my least favourite. Ten minutes to escape Karnak Castle (which for some reason the Fire Ship is connected to, don’t ask questions), but now you can get all the treasure you couldn’t before! Except all the chests have monsters in them because fuck you! Ugh. Most of them have Elixirs, which I’m admittedly not concerned about. I tried to get them on my first attempt, but ran out of time. Second attempt I just went for the chests which I know have good equipment – the Ribbon (which I may not even use), the money, the Main Gauche (more evade, Knives are cool too), the Elven Mantle (MORE evade) and the Shuriken.

Iron Claw

And then there’s THIS asshole at the end of it, whom I swear is just there to stress you out. He has three underlings, killing them off causes his transformation into… whatever this is with absurd defences. I tried Thundara Spellblade since I thought he might be weak to it, but no. And then he has Doom Claw to paralyse your characters and bring them to single digit health. It’s so mean, but he’s not hard. Just there to stress you out at the end.

I am the worst at screenshots

I am the worst at screenshots

The end result is that Karnak Castle explodes in glorious 16-bit pyrotechnics and 3 of the 5 Fire Crystal Shards appear for my party. Now’s as good a time as any now that I have peace, so I tweet Gilgabot for my Fire job… And I could swear someone is doing a ritual sacrifice in my name, because I roll Ninja. Oooh yeah. The special thing about Ninjas of course is their ability to wield two weapons, which I will happily use in conjunction with Spellblade and whatnot. Beautiful. I also picked up the Moonring Blade in the Fire Ship, a throwing weapon which allows Ninjas to deal full damage from the back row and relative safety as a result. They can also throw items and weapons for considerable damage, plus elemental scrolls for… elemental damage. The point is that Ninjas are awesome.

I miss out on the Bard’s ability to buff, the Geomancer’s trap-evasion and terrain-based magic, the Ranger’s Rapid Fire for doing four attacks at once and the Beastmaster’s… I dunno I never use Beastmasters, but they capture monsters and release them to do a single attack. I’d say this is still a solid trade for me. I have one job left to nab, and this is where I call it for the day.



Well… Ok, not quite. I take the opportunity to go back to the Fire Ship to grind ABP, getting Bartz and Galuf to level 4 in their job, thus allowing them to use Spellblade level 3 (and thus the mid-level elemental magic) while Spellblade is attached as an ability to any other class. I then make Galuf a Ninja in addition to Faris.

That's more like it.

That’s more like it.



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